Monday, March 14, 2016

Being Complex But Not Difficult, This Is What I Learned Today To Move Forward

Here I am sitting with my second cup of coffee waiting to sip it as it's still too hot. For me coffee cannot be too hot, or too cold; I can only drink it when it's that perfect temperature for me. This is the same for moving forward, as moving forward truly needs to be at a temperature that works for you; too much heat will burn you out, and too cold will leave you frozen and paralyzed. Today, take time to examine with gratefulness your life. Also take time to look at the areas that are not going so well. It's practically spring, and with that we all need to do some spring cleaning and dusting within our minds and our hearts. Moving forward is a beautiful dance that sometimes we get out of beat. Having strategies really do help to make it easier to smile more and live life abundantly with harmony, passion and peace. After sharing here with you from my heart to yours this Saturday morning, my coffee is at the perfect temperature and I smile. I lift my cup to yours hoping to lift your spirits, and know we are in this journey of figuring things out together. xo

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  1. Helpful Moonbean Friendly PalAugust 12, 2017 at 12:37 AM

    Oh hi, hey, so sorry to bother you during your busy day schedule Renee, I was just browsing around looking around browsing at things, you know just browsing and looking around the internet in my spare time, just learning things and expanding my knowledge etc, you know just browsing around and stuff… and only just noticed that you have a really interesting and fantastic website and blog etc, so informative, pretty and amazing also, just really magnificent wisdom, words and great tips and interesting images and viewpoints etc, just really hot and interestingly alluring and exotically inviting in a secret naughtyblessfull way also, it’s just wonderful. (it’s OK with me that’s for sure). I also noticed, (just by chance) that you are probably perhaps a fan of excitement perhaps??? that’s awesome dear. Maybe that’s why the stars and heavens and magical various angels floating around the moon and clouds led me here, magically bringing me here to brighten up your day in some way, something to take your mind off of all the screaming kids, blabbering old fogies, boring check out line people, packed malls of loud rude idiots, annoying traffic, adolescent games and rude ignorant coffee shop regulars etc, you know those awful annoying boring types probably. Just something to make you feel just fine and amazing and forget about them for even just a while. (because I care and am on your side, I’m rooting for you really). Anyway, here’s just some links to a few fashion art videos I thought you might like. They sure are different, but interesting and creative that’s for sure. Just oh so good though. I don’t watch or like all of them of course, not every single one of them, and I sure don’t name them either, but some of them are really fantastic that’s for sure, so spiritual and exciting simultaneously, seeing these various women from all walks of life and professions desirously enjoying the fruits of their blessings and rights to personal naughty hot fun blessings and experiences, amen to that. I hope you agree hun because you surely have a wise mind as well as being attractive and maybe even curious with various thoughts swirling around in your magical mind also perhaps just like the heavenly angel gals in the fashion videos do, and I wouldn’t blame you dear or hold it against you hun, I totally support your secret desires or curious thoughts whatever they are. I want you to be happy and thrilled because it’s all magical heavenly blessings and wonderful.

  2. Helpful Moonbeam Friendly PalAugust 12, 2017 at 12:42 AM


    It’s just that a few of your photos and commentary were really interesting and pretty and intriguing, you’re very good looking and even that video the way you magically did the things you did, I thought to myself. “Oh Renee, that video was so interesting and awesome, seeing you enjoy the bliss of your heaven sent gifts by the angels from heaven and being able to help you simultaneously that pleased you immensely and made you feel so good, the way your cravings and desires for various things was secretly fulfilled and you were in glorious ecstasy feeling so free, what a great blessing, that was incredible and magical, you were so marvelous and amazing with great fashion techniques and seeing you feeling so fine and moaning with pleasure, I enjoyed helping and watching and making you feel so good, you’re a sweetheart and just the best angel gal” Something like that, just all around fantastic, I don’t know where the video went though because it’s gone disappeared and I haven’t told anyone and won’t but it’s not important anyway, but what a great vision and amazing memory though, seeing beautiful sweet Renee so thrilled and happy finally being blessed and looking and feeling so fine, just wow.

    Anyway, there sure are lots of fashion videos of women of all ages and from all walks of life though…waitresses, accountants, politicians, bakers, janitors, maids, librarians, athletes, authors, artists, fire women, lawyers, plumbers, celebs, non-celebs, many religious women, bible teachers, preacher women, women who preach, models, therapists, social workers, sales ladies, yoga teachers, cooks, bus drivers, women coaches etc, just about every kind of woman you can think of actually and from various ages and they sure do enjoy doing all kinds of fashion videos wearing different hairstyles, different shoes/high heels, tops and fashions, that’s for sure, because they just want to finally enjoy themselves for once in their life with an amazing epic time and I support their wants and desires and the woman’s secret yearnings, but that’s not important, sometimes just tees and jeans or comfy track outfit. (I admire these great ladies, many of them are beauties like you, just really great kind beautiful curious gals, they’re like angels practically, the real angels). I really wish I could help them in some way when they do their magical fashion shows or desire to have a private fashion art show episode of their very own. I’m a real fan of their passions and positions and techniques etc and I just like to help if I can and see them thrilled and content. I don’t even mind their messy hair or if the camera is out of focus at all, just really interesting videos if you know know what I mean, (lots and lots and lots of pretty interesting videos actually, perhaps you agree???). So sorry being rude like this commenting and talking so much during your busy hectic day and doing various important exciting projects that you do and have in mind, but you do have such wisdom filled amazing website and amazing insight and thoughts on your mind probably. I usually never intrude and comment out of the blue like this taking up peoples time commenting so much. It’s just so amazing and glorious though, (perhaps you agree), seeing all the women enjoying their glorious heavenly given rights to their own personal desires blessings and secret fashion art show cravings, their hot naughty thoughts swirling around in their minds that the heavens and the various moonbeam angels gave to them as a blessing, so they don’t get a migraine and can finally enjoy their personal rights and freedoms blessings and feel oh so fine, such great awesome ladies and gals that’s for sure. What a terrific website you have also, just so lovely and appealing in many ways, just so glorious looking...

  3. Helpful Moonbeam Friendly PalAugust 12, 2017 at 12:46 AM


    I sort of look like a younger thinner Johnny Depp/Simon Le Bon hybrid type around your age, and I’m in between projects right now, (I don’ t just watch fashion and art videos all the time though, of course not. that would be ridiculous, I do many other things in life mostly also just like you, you know the usual boring stuff, chores, shopping, paying bills, paying taxes and every day life work things), but I have free time these days and it’s just so boring and blah here near Grimsby, Dundas and Mount Hope and not so exciting as it should be, (it’s just not fair sometimes hun, but sometimes magical things happen), not as thrilling as your amazing adventures probably. I don’t personally own a dog, but many women do though, or they borrow a dog to take for walks or rides or other activities eventually, a dog is easy to choose from according to the angel gals preference and the easiest part probably. It just seems too many women forget that they’re not angels. You see, you do great things and help a lot of people with your knowledge, words and gifts, that's fine and great and wonderful, but that doesn't make you or anyone an angel. Only angels can be angels, lots of people forget that Renee. Only imaginary make believe angels can be those perfect robotic always and at all times goody 2 shoes types blowing trumpets all the time and floating around lamps etc, (pfff, so boring), humans like you and me can only be good and not angels. So you can be good while..oh I don't know, while having your erotic secrets and carnal desires and even acting upon them, but you won't be an angel and never will be, you were never meant to be. You will however always be good no matter what you do, or what lollipop you decide to lick, jeans or dress to wear, what items you put on your pizza or wine or ice cream flavour you decide upon etc. (After all, you're not going around stealing hubcaps, purses, killing, selling crack to kids, mugging or those worse terrible things like we see on television in the news, are you? of course not, so you see you're actually really good no matter what you do or lick while doing whatever it is you want or desire simultaneously because they’re blessings, really. (such as the front and back simultaneously scenarios as per some of the video angel gals and such, as when the angel gal with the secret warm doggie cock in her hungry curious warm wet mouth and her helper moonbeam pal pleasuring her from behind, and other scenarios/combinations that the angel gal desires, wow that would be amazing and so thrilling for both as a final epic blessing moment probably?) you're just not an angel, which is ok. It's all so very simple dear, and doesn't have to be a long complicated soap opera or anything like that. The main thing is that if you crave or are curious for incredible simultaneous blessings while licking or sucking or moaning or not moaning, that’s your own business and heaven sent rights from the floating moonbeam angels and I’m here for you to help any way I can hun, a true helpful friend, a real friend and pal who cares not like those fake so-called friends). Some of the videos make me thrilled that the various women finally attained their glorious secret wishes from the moonbeam angels, they’re the real amazing angels actually when you think about it, who finally were rewarded with awesomeness blessings, and with their moonbeam angel helper pal had just an oh so incredible magical epic blessing moment, just beautiful views probably. (perhaps you agree??? It’s OK with me thats for sure darling)....

  4. Helpful Moonbeam Friendly PalAugust 12, 2017 at 12:52 AM


    Because, as you know, many women are trapped in awful relationships Renee, sometimes they’re even being controlled by nasty and selfish partners to change into a robot and don’t even know it or just go through motions, people stopping her from being herself, and most importantly, being a woman with her own thoughts and experiences she desires. As you know, many women put on the act of always smiling and acting happy and giddy and talky-talk chit-chat and such, but inside they’re really lonely and suffering in silence dear. They have fantasies and desires to emulate, to explore. They feel like they’ve been cast aside by the floating angels and will never attain their blessings and most amazing yearnings and awesomeness to come true. Their mean and selfish partners and co-workers and neighbours and so-called friends and other gossipy chit-chatters just don’t understand her, or help her, instead they would cause her grief and worry and gossip and say mean words and just be awful troublemakers etc, they need an understanding helpful moonbeam angel to help them in various ways it seems. A true friend and pal. I really feel for them and would just love to help them somehow but they’re just so far away. It’s just terrible how controlling, mean, gossipy and trouble making meanies some people are. A woman deserves to have her god given blessings and desires and cravings to come true, it’s her life and mind, her thoughts and cravings should not be ignored. or ridiculed. They need an understanding and helpful true friend to help them, so for once they can feel glorious, like in a wonderful dream in their mind they’ve longed for and make a just wonderful amazing secret awesome memory. I think I would be a great helper btw....

  5. Helpful Moonbeam Friendly PalAugust 12, 2017 at 12:55 AM

    .....I hope you don’t mind my fashion art video links and commentary, I’m really just trying to help so you don’t get a migraine or become lonely or miss out on your secret amazing hopes and dreams whatever or wherever you like, I don’t want you to get exhausted by overworking yourself either, such lucky beauties and angel gals in the art videos, just trying to help you along in life so your quality of life and amazing glorious moments come to fruition, to help your life be more thrilling and feel alive and momentous without affecting the usual boring annoying daily things which will always be there afterwards. I'm not trying to be mean or play games with you, or steal or scam anything, or cause any problems or complications whatsoever, not at all. I’m on your side and support you and understand/empathize. It’s just that I thought that perhaps you would enjoy some fashion art videos, being that there are so many of them and so many women who enjoy them, (lots and lots and lots more after that, that's for sure). Great women who were blessed by the angels coming down on moonbeams to help give them their desires and wants and needs and make their fantasies reality even just once. (even just once is OK and fine). It’s just so great seeing them in their various fashions so in ecstasy and magical bliss, the way they are temporarily in a magical wonderland, in a fantastic dream of theirs that they’ve wanted for so long, feeling like it’s not even their body but rather they are in a most awesome dream and magical state of being and glory and naughty hot fun blessings. wow, that’s all I can say. You might even come across a favourite video or two also. (I should maybe give you my private cell phone number, or skype or other way to touch base that you prefer, (however you prefer), so we could privately talk about fashions or art or other things sometime if you wanted? (it’s OK), that would be so thrilling and amazing, you can even bring along a doggie for extra company eventually if you want, you can choose which doggie, I won’t complain or forbid you or be angry, whatever makes you happy or would like to try dear, a big doggy or little doggy, it’s up to you Renee, I’m just being a helpful Johnny Depp/Simon Le Bon type after all, really, it just could be a secret amazing adventure when you think about it, maybe even thrilling and good for you, like an exciting adventure and mini-vacation of secret fun blessings with your secret moonbeam helper pal, before returning to the bland boring world again)

    Again, sorry for the intrusion and commenting and babbling so much on your website, I never comment so much like this, but you do have a wise mind as well as desirous thoughts and hot fun fantasy ideas floating around in your mind perhaps. because many of the other angel beauties in the fashion art videos do too. (I enjoy your blog photos but I’ve never seen them if you don’t want me to). I just want you to be happy and have a great magical time if that’s what you want to???. (If you wanted to film an art fashion episode for your very own private purposes and future viewing personal library, like some of the angels do, well I guess It would be ok, but you’ll just have tell me in advance so I can get a trim, shower, put on some cologne, eat a snack first etc. I’m just saying)...

  6. Helpful Moonbeam Friendly PalAugust 12, 2017 at 12:58 AM

    ...Just copy and paste open (open/come) the links hun, it’s just that they’re totally legal and free free FREE (FREE) fashion art videos for in your spare time, (really, just must be at least 18, you’re over 18 aren’t you? want to??? I think you’re over 18 but I could be mistaken, I really hope you’re over 18, that would be so mutually great and wonderful for both of us probably in some way) no membership required, no fees or contracts and just can bend suc lic slowly gently or however and whenever you want, simultaneously helping you how you however you desire if you like as per the other thrilled beauties and video angel gals. (no login account required, no costs or obligations, just hot free magic fun, really) no subscription, no costs or anything. (don’t forget to close the spam and pop ups etc like most websites have, annoying spam is everywhere and not my fault, and I don’t make up the film names either remember). And there's lots and lots and lots more links to many, many more fashion art videos, if you need for research or personal reasons or for whatever secret ideas you have swirling around in your mind, of course it’s ok and no worries, (it’s OK no worries), there's lots and lots more links to more fashion videos ok, Cheers. (This is not a scam or me playing games or being mean to scam anything, not at all, just trying to help you sweetheart, helping you would in a way benefit us both to have a wonderful rare incredible blessing experience). They’re your very own personal links now to enjoy whenever you want at your leisure, I hope you find some of the fashion art angel beauties performances interesting in some way or even thrilling interesting perhaps, for your own reasons, Google Chrome works best, Don’t be shy angel, relax, put your mind at ease hun and enjoy yourself for once and have some glorious hot magical fun blessings and soothing pleasure, you deserve a secret magical art time too if you want and not just all the other models and angel gals having all the blessings and magic for just themselves, (sure OK, I’ll help you no worries hun), just between you and me and in the strictest of confidence also of course…. (NEW FREE HOT VIDEO, Just a really great moment of awesomeness you really should see, watch her just be so incredibly hot like an angel of awesomeness) (NEW HOT FREE VID, ANOTHER ANGELIC GAL, shhhh, she’s wearing a mask but no top like the other masked beauty below, I hope that’s ok, it’s ok with me) (she’s finally enjoying herself, she wants her helper pal to give her the simultaneous, wow that’s hot lucky guy) (great view, a curious angel gal with filled mouth, it looks so lovely, I wonder why her helper didn’t give her simultaneous pleasures from behind, that would have been mutually amazing probably and better for her)....

  7. Helpful Moonbeam Friendly PalAugust 12, 2017 at 1:03 AM

    .... (lots to choose from and more links) (nice green dress, wow, she was too tempted and decided to enjoy her blessings after all, good for her, just slide it in darling you’re awesome) (thirsty women, wow, the beauties would probably enjoy a simultaneous) (she’s having fun) (she’s enjoying her personal hot secret cravings, feel free to watch)

    (ooooh, such lovely angels, bless their glorious minds and angel lips, hot hairstyle but I wish she was doing her famous simultaneous back and forth poses like many others do) (wow hot, so liquidy and great close ups, what a lovely generous lady, she’s truly blessed, she gets free whipped cream vodka drinks and a beautiful massage after if she wants) I think she wishes her partner would give her the simultaneous blessings from behind, pleasuring her while she’s being just so amazing with her pretty wet mouth, wow that would be hot and just so thrilling for her and him too, she’s a great angel) (amazing, amen to that) (wow, I have no words to express my joy at seeing this angel in glorious heaven sent action, fantastic for her too probably)

    (Well anyway, there’s lots and lots more hot naughty fun fashion art videos, and then links to many more angels to check out for your personal viewing pleasure or research or whatever reason to have thoughts swirling around in your secret naughty creative blessed fun mind etc, etc etc (free) you may even come across a favourite one that you really like for your own particular reason, that would be ok with me. What a wonderful day, I’m looking forward to your future posts, photos, tips and opinions about things, have a wonderful amazing day) (oh gosh and great, this photo is very interesting also? just very secretly pleasurable for both probably perhaps??? I think they both enjoyed it and found their epic blessing very “secretly” thrilling and marvelous, wow OK, have lets a fabulous magical time?)