Monday, March 14, 2016

Being Complex But Not Difficult, This Is What I Learned Today To Move Forward

Here I am sitting with my second cup of coffee waiting to sip it as it's still too hot. For me coffee cannot be too hot, or too cold; I can only drink it when it's that perfect temperature for me. This is the same for moving forward, as moving forward truly needs to be at a temperature that works for you; too much heat will burn you out, and too cold will leave you frozen and paralyzed. Today, take time to examine with gratefulness your life. Also take time to look at the areas that are not going so well. It's practically spring, and with that we all need to do some spring cleaning and dusting within our minds and our hearts. Moving forward is a beautiful dance that sometimes we get out of beat. Having strategies really do help to make it easier to smile more and live life abundantly with harmony, passion and peace. After sharing here with you from my heart to yours this Saturday morning, my coffee is at the perfect temperature and I smile. I lift my cup to yours hoping to lift your spirits, and know we are in this journey of figuring things out together. xo

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